Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It was a pleasant silent night
I could even hear my feet
Was walking in moonlight
in the middle of my street
Everything - so usual
Everything that night
Until i saw his eyes
shining in the light

I din't stop, I moved on
But still left something behind
Couldn't see anything on my way
felt so blank, so blind
in a second -I lived my life
a second - i can't get back
a second - it felt so nice
that second- i want it back!

I was smiling like I'm mad
It looked like I'm crazy
at home mom hit my head
and said "you're getting lazy"

was going through a feeling not so clear
i told myself once again- "IT'S NOT LOVE FOR SURE"
happiness, lots of joy and a little fear
kept telling myself -- "no its not, ITS NOT LOVE FOR SURE"
--- JANANY!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


i don't see you everyday
i miss you but i don't say
i dint because i know you care
i knew you are always there

you are always there in my laugh
when someone said "give me a hi five"
you were in my mind and
i laughed

you are always there in my tear
when someone pinched my cheek and said "don't cry"
you were in my mind and i smiled

you are always there in my fear
when someone pushed me front and said "give it a try"
you were in my mind
and I tried

you are always there in my loss
when someone held my hand and said "its alright man"
you were in my mind and i moved on

you are always there
you are always there throughout my day and even if not
you are always there in my heart


we were best friends and we hoped to be so
until one day school ended and we had to go
go away to different places to do some serious studies
in different colleges we had to find ourselves new buddies
and months moved smooth until one day i got a call
and someone said "remember me I'm your buddy your long lost pal"
she thought i wouldn't know her voice
she thought it was gonna be a surprise
i let her have all the fun
and told her name when she was done
she screamed in joy and said something
and soon i heard her voice sing
she did not know she made my day
by remembering and wishing me "happy -- birthday"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my shadow! my conscience!

Smiling, playing, dancing enjoying

She was innocent and now she's lying

My shadow sings to me

"you've hurt a girl"

My shadow sings to me

"you've put an end to her world"

Her eyes were filled with dreams

which now she cannot see

Her heart was filled with love

and now she's lying because of me

my shadow sings to me

"she's lying

lying dead because of you

Only if you weren't drunk

Only if you didn't decide to drive

Only if you knew the worth of a girls life

but only if


my shadow sings to me

"if i weren't tied to you

if i had a life like you

i would run away and hide in shame

i would burn my self in the burning flame"

every time my shadow sings it doesn't sing

it kills

every time i think -of that night

every day i die!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Not fighting to kill but fighting to save
The border their home, the battlefield their grave
drowning their hearts with guilty tears

people at home waiting with fears
The only place where you'll be proud to die
by paying your muscles death you buy
The world of war is not away
In our own country men are dying every day
sacrificing their today they save our tomorrow
every Jawan is indeed a real life hero

Come back dad!!

Your miles away ! I don't know where you're exactly
I spend my days thinking of you feeling lonely
Tears in my eyes
worries in my heart
and a song for you in my lips
I'm waiting for you to come back and give my mood a lift
come back dad
I wanna talk to you
come back dad
I wanna see you
come back dad
you know I'm missing you
I know its hard for you
I know you love me too
I know you wanna come back too
I don't need gifts
I don't need money
Resign your work and come back to me

I shall live in your love
I'll lie in your arms
I'll be safe and secure
every time I'm with ya
come back here come back soon come back!!!!