Saturday, December 5, 2009

Memories of school

Closing my eyes trying to look behind
searching for friends nice loving and kind
yes i did see all of you in my mind
friends like you i will never find

Be it silly laughs or stupid fights
boring classes or sleepless nights
school life memories will never leave you frowning
because i opened my eyes and found my self SMILING

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's YOUR life

Its your life
you decide
what to do what to say
when to work and when to play
you've got to do it ur way
because its ur life
you decide
Only if you open your wings you are a butterfly
only if you look above no height is really high
all you have to do is...just give it a try
after all its your life

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Every goal is near

In the darkness of the night

if you could see the moon light

In the wierdest wildest woods

if you could see some good

In every mirror that broke

if you could see good hope

In every year that dies

if you could see a new one rise

Inspite of the rustling leaves

if you could hear the music of the breeze

inspite of the thunder and storm

if you could keep youself in calm

Then in every thorn you choose

you will be smelling a rose

every goal in life is near

learn to face your problems without fear

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Out of the many guys on the line

who are you going to pick to be your valentine

all of them shall do their best and try

to impress to make you feel shy

if youve had a glimpse

of your loving prince

if he's made it to your heart

made you feel you should never part

go out and shout hurray hurray

because you have had a perfect valentine day.

I know this is not so good because I know nothing much about valentine day.

bear with me is all I can say

I will write a better one next valentines day

Friday, January 23, 2009

She was the one

She was the one who cared and dared for me ,
she was the one who smiled and cried for me ,
she was the one who lived and died for me,
i was the only one she could see.

She was the one who took away my fright ,
she was the one who made my dark nights bright ,
she was the one who taught me what was right,
she was my only guiding light.
Why did it take so long?
why did i take so long
to sing this little song
to say i love you mom
to sing this little song
today i miss you mom.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

both of us

this song is for my best friend
She will not let me cry,
and will never lie ,
pour love like a nile,
and always smile
together we friends will always shine.
She will not let me down
she's a gem in the crown,
all time is good time,
if she's by my side
together we friends will always shine.(2)

Friday, January 16, 2009

she is my friend

The night is dark,
the dogs do bark
but still there's someone to save me from the shock
she's my friend
she 's always there beside me
she's my friend
now no one can just scare me
she's my friend.

there's no one at home
i 'M all alone
but still there's someone to talk over the phone
she's my frien
we will spend our days together
she's my friend
she'll be my friend forever
she's my friend
her love just has no end.