Saturday, March 20, 2010


Not fighting to kill but fighting to save
The border their home, the battlefield their grave
drowning their hearts with guilty tears

people at home waiting with fears
The only place where you'll be proud to die
by paying your muscles death you buy
The world of war is not away
In our own country men are dying every day
sacrificing their today they save our tomorrow
every Jawan is indeed a real life hero

Come back dad!!

Your miles away ! I don't know where you're exactly
I spend my days thinking of you feeling lonely
Tears in my eyes
worries in my heart
and a song for you in my lips
I'm waiting for you to come back and give my mood a lift
come back dad
I wanna talk to you
come back dad
I wanna see you
come back dad
you know I'm missing you
I know its hard for you
I know you love me too
I know you wanna come back too
I don't need gifts
I don't need money
Resign your work and come back to me

I shall live in your love
I'll lie in your arms
I'll be safe and secure
every time I'm with ya
come back here come back soon come back!!!!