Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my shadow! my conscience!

Smiling, playing, dancing enjoying

She was innocent and now she's lying

My shadow sings to me

"you've hurt a girl"

My shadow sings to me

"you've put an end to her world"

Her eyes were filled with dreams

which now she cannot see

Her heart was filled with love

and now she's lying because of me

my shadow sings to me

"she's lying

lying dead because of you

Only if you weren't drunk

Only if you didn't decide to drive

Only if you knew the worth of a girls life

but only if


my shadow sings to me

"if i weren't tied to you

if i had a life like you

i would run away and hide in shame

i would burn my self in the burning flame"

every time my shadow sings it doesn't sing

it kills

every time i think -of that night

every day i die!!

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