Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It was a pleasant silent night
I could even hear my feet
Was walking in moonlight
in the middle of my street
Everything - so usual
Everything that night
Until i saw his eyes
shining in the light

I din't stop, I moved on
But still left something behind
Couldn't see anything on my way
felt so blank, so blind
in a second -I lived my life
a second - i can't get back
a second - it felt so nice
that second- i want it back!

I was smiling like I'm mad
It looked like I'm crazy
at home mom hit my head
and said "you're getting lazy"

was going through a feeling not so clear
i told myself once again- "IT'S NOT LOVE FOR SURE"
happiness, lots of joy and a little fear
kept telling myself -- "no its not, ITS NOT LOVE FOR SURE"
--- JANANY!!

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